CEC 2019 Special Session Proposal


“Distributed and Advanced Evolutionary Computation in the Smart City Era”


The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology, and various physical devices connected to the cloud network to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens. Therefore, most of real-world problems in the smart city are multimodal interface problems and/or multi-objective optimization problems involving several conflicting objectives.

On the other hand, cloud systems may even offer tens of thousands of virtual machines, terabytes of memories and exa-bytes of storage capacity. Current trend toward many-core architecture increases the number of cores even more dramatically: we may have more than a million of cores to offer extremely massive parallelization.

In this special session, we will discuss new parallel and distributed evolutionary computation in the smart city era such as implementation of massively parallel evolutionary algorithms employing cloud computing systems and services, distributed implementation of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms on many-core architectures including GPUs, new evolutionary techniques for multimodal interface problems, in term of both reduction in execution time and improvements in accuracy of the achieved solutions.

We also welcome any types of parallel and distributed evolutionary computation on any “informal” types of computing environment in this special session including the following themes.


  • Implementation of massively parallel evolutionary computation in cloud computing systems and/or services
  • Parallel and distributed evolutionary algorithms in the smart city
  • Distributed multi-objective swarm intelligence in the smart city
  • Evolutionary learning for multimodal interface problems
  • Neuro-evolution for multi-task problems in the smart city
  • Distributed multi/many objective evolutionary algorithms involving several conflicting objectives
  • Applications of parallel and evolutionary computation techniques in the smart city
  • Applications of EC and other bio-inspired paradigms to peer to peer systems, and distributed EC algorithms that use them

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